Things to know when moving to NY for jobs

You nail a job in NY and now it's time to move there. 

What should you know?  This article compiles and sumarizes various information and links so that you can start to research.


First make sure that you have a job in NY. It's an expensive city.

You can search job with indeed.com, hired.com, monster.com.

After nailing a job, your first question is where will you live. But before start searching for a job, you need to know how to move around in NY. In NY, particulaly, Mahattan, public transport is your only choice. So, first learn about the transportation, then find a place which is close to a public transportation.


Public Transportation

This website gives you very details and concrete information about the NY transportation system. It's a must read !


Another one


If you want to rush to subway map, then find it here



(Optional) If you want to have fun about train stations (aka subway station), have a look at http://www.subwaynut.com



Normally, your company will provide you with 5K relocation expense. If you don't use it, they don't pay it.

So, start with finding an appartment with AirBnb.com then looking for a room / studio / appartment there.

Looking for room for rent

* https://roomiapp.com

* https://www.roomeze.com/

* Traditionally craiglist.com


Should I live in New Jersey city?

The first thing you should know

- New Jerey citiy is not New York State. To go to New york, you can take PATH train but you will need to pay extra 80$/month for train ticket

but the appartment is a bit cheaper and it may be closer to Mahattan.


Don't be scare to find a bit far. 10min more on the subway is nothing. What's is important is that your place must be in walking distance to the nearest subway station.

Check if your appartment/building block has laundry. Not all of them has. You can go to laundrymat of course but it's not that convienient, You want to spend your free to enjoy life rather than waiting for laundry.


Buy a flight ticket

Moving to NY means you need to bring at least 2 checked baggage. 
Then buy the ticket with Southwest airline. They offer 2 free 2 checked baggage (other like JetBlue does not).



TODO: Link to list of airports