The Logging Olympics - A Race Between Today's Top 5 Java Logging Frameworks

(From: https://blog.overops.com/the-logging-olympics-a-race-between-todays-top-5-logging-frameworks/

Logging is an age-old and intrinsic part of virtually every server-side application. It’s the primary method by which applications output live state in a persistent and readable manner. Some applications may only log a few megabytes a day, while others may log gigabytes of data or more in a matter of hours.

As logging usually involves IO to write data to disk (either blocking or async) – it comes at a cost. When logging large amounts of data over short periods of time, that cost can ramp up quickly. We decided to take a deeper look at the speed of some of today’s leading logging engines.

Most developers log data for three main reasons –

1. Monitoring – to see how code behaves in terms of throughput, scale, security, etc..

2. Debugging – to get access to the state that caused code to fail (variables, stack traces…). OverOps helps developers debug staging and production servers, and understand why code crashes and threads freeze.

3. Analytics – leverage live data from the app in order to derive conclusions about the way it’s being used.

Behind the facade. Most libraries today have logging built-in at key points in the code to provide visibility into their operations. To streamline this process and prevent different libraries from employing multiple logging methods in the same JVM, logging facades, which decouple code from the underlying engine, have come into the forefront. When we analyzed the top 100 software libraries for Java, SLF4J came up as the leading logging facade used by developers today.

The Competition

We decided to pick five of today’s most prominent logging engines, and see how they perform in a number of races. Now, before you take out the torches and pitchforks, I wanted to clarify that the point is not to say which is better, but to give a sense of the differences in throughput between the engines across a number of common logging tasks.


Read more at: https://blog.overops.com/the-logging-olympics-a-race-between-todays-top-5-logging-frameworks/